About Choklit Chanteuse

Choklit Chanteuse Portrait
Choklit Chanteuse portrait by Michael Garlington

Choklit Chanteuse was born on a blustery March afternoon to a red-headed Spanish gypsy puppeteer and a one-eyed Irish woodworking thespian. She spent her time as a little girl in equal parts communing with the faeries in the forest and reading inappropriately mature romantic novels back-stage.

She whittled away hours dreaming up faraway lands and painstakingly hand-sewing tiny Victorian couture for the porcelain dolls who inhabited the three story doll-house her great-grandfather had made her. She loved to sing and dance, cause trouble, and spin magic stories in the moonlight.

Not much has changed except her costumes have grown curiously and can fit big people now.

And she sings with Baby Seal Club, a band that creates musical alchemy of the most whimsical sort... pelvic-pleasing rhythms and heart-thumping vocals whirled into a frothy serving of free-range chaos.

With Adornments for Tarts, Choklit makes handmade silk and velvet neo-Victorian beaded ribbon chokers, cuffs, garters, and drop earrings with a whisper of burlesque/circus sensibility... jewelry and accessories for tarts and dandies.

Sewn with love, finished by hand, and completely dreamed up by Choklit, no two pieces are exactly the same. Please anticipate very slight variations in the details. If you fall in love with something - don't wait too long! I will only make each design in limited runs.

Costume-maker, art-seeker, chanteuse for Baby Seal Club, organizational Queen Bee, responsible hedonist, lover of beautiful things, and dreamer - sometimes all at once...

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