Links That Please Me

The Great Handcar Regatta
A Splendid Celebration of Art, Science and Ingenuity

The Edwardian Ball
Celebrating the Art and Stories of Edward Gorey

Dances of Vice
Rococo, Victorian, Jazz Age, and New Romantic Parties and Events

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition
Immersion in a World that Might-Have-Been

The Great Pan-Kinetic Exposition
A Re-Creation of a Mighty World’s Fair of 1905

Skingraft Designs
Exploring the Balance Between Raw Underground Fashion and High-End Couture

Blasphemina's Closet
Inspirations stemming from historical fashion, fairytales and Japanese youth fashion

Scoundrelle's Keep
Neo-Victorian Custom Corsetry and Apparel

Steam Trunk
Antique Street-Wear and Old-Time Finery

An Experiment in Urban Historical Fashion

Costumes for Pirates, Divas, Dandies, and other Mythical Creatures

Black Lotus Clothing
Unique, Hand-sewn Pieces Inspired by the Belly Dance Scene

Topsy Turvy Design
Whimsical Costume Accessories for Stage, Film, and Play

Meschantes Corsetry
Makers of High Fashion Couture Corsetry

Orpheus Alchemy
A Crypto-Historian's Curio Shop

Hand-Made Goggles, Monocles, and Skirt-lifters

Etsy Steam Team
Makers, Tinkerers, Mad Scientists and Unnatural Historians

Lex Machina
Transient, Aspiring Smutographer of the Steampunk Persuasion

Sassy Monkey Media
Luminous Photography and Captivating Aetherweb Destinations

Aesthetic Alchemy
Photography, Graphic Artistry, Mental Thaumaturgy

Darla Teagarden
Darker Vintage Cabaret Aesthetic Portraiture

666 Photography
Retro/Vintage Photography with Hand-made Props and Costumes

Kate O'Brien
Creative Fine Art Photography

Kinetic Conveyances of Whimsy

The Neverwas Haul
A Self-Propelled 3-Story Victorian House -or- Damn the Blinkies, Full Steam Ahead!

The Golden Mean
Giant Jules Verne Hot Rod Snail Art Car

Kinetic Steamworks
Repurposing the Artifacts of Clockwork Modernity

A Love Letter to Alternative Culture

A Wonder Closet of Fringe Art, Culture, and Ephemera

Haute Macabre
It Wasn’t Just A Phase

Brass Goggles
The Lighter Side of Steampunk

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